Formulae Sheet MTH222

(forms part of the Examination answer book and the students are allowed to use it during the final Exam)

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Arithmetic Mean

Raw dataGrouped data
x = Sx
x = Sfx

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Raw dataGrouped data
S2= S(x-x)2 = Sx2 - n(x)2
         n                 n
S2 = Sf(x-x)2 = Sfx2 - n(x)2
                n                          n

Price Indices

Laspeyre Price IndexPaasche Price Index
L = Spnqo       x 100
P = Spnqn       x 100

Correlation Coefficients

Pearsons (Product Moment) CoefficientSpearman (Rank) Correlation Coefficient
r =       nSxy - Sx Sy
         Ö[ n Sx2 - (Sx)2 ] [ n Sy2 - (Sy)2 ]
Rs = 1 - 6Sd2


General Addition RuleGeneral Multiplication Rule
P(A or B) = P(A) + P(B) - P(A and B)P(A and B) =P(A) P(B|A)

Binomial Distribution

Binomial FormulaBinomial Coefficient
P(x) = nCx px (1-p)n-x nCx =       n!      
                  x! (n-x)!

m = np, s2 = np(1-p)

Conversion formula for Normal Distribution

z = x - m

The 95% confidence interval for the population mean

m=       x       ±       1.96 s

Test statistic for hypothesis tests on population mean

z =       x - m
            s /Ö n

Chi-squared test

c 2 = S(o-e)2

with (r-1)(c-1) degrees of freedom